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Wish to smile
Oh how much longer must I stay like this:
All depressive, all worried, all hopeless. There were some days that I wish that I never spoke at all, that I was mute and only listened to what others thought of me without feeling offended. Well that will never happen... because too many people feel the same way too.
I wish that I didn't think that the people around me needed space and were hating themselves each and every day. I am a very sad creature and channel their pain and take it as my own. I feel sick as they do, making all my pain worse than the one in the hospital bed. 
Every day I pray that God watches their every step and I still do, but who am I to say anything?? I am but a mere vessel and can't force someone bigger than I to do what I wish. 
I wish that when people leave they come back and know that I am still waiting on their return. I hope that you find someone special in me and not someone who is only there to slow you down. 
Oh Lord, do I pray that you take my
:icongabpiano:Gabpiano 4 23
What does Life Serve me?? ZaGIR
Warning: It is ZaGIR so if you think I am flaming ZaDr in this story: I don't want to hear those comments thank you.
It wasn't what I was expecting... I failed...
I always knew that I was an idiot at times with my master and all. I know all those fancy words that he calls me like 'imbecile' and 'imp' was just to put me down, but what I can do?? I seem to smile at all the yelling that he gives me and all. It was my duty to be vented on and take all his stress and dissolve it in my stupidity. I hold a better medal of honor for that. After some of those moments, he would try to apologize to  me, thinking that I felt terrible. I do remember that he would cradle me in his arms a bit and mutter 'I am sorry GIR,' as if he was a broken record. 
For me, that hurt more than hearing all those insults. Maybe it's because I hate myself... I don't know.
As years passed by, I noticed the changes that were going on with my master. He was growing a little and he sometimes refuses to talk to m
:icongabpiano:Gabpiano 16 18
Novur GA for OogaHooga by Gabpiano Novur GA for OogaHooga :icongabpiano:Gabpiano 7 30 No se como olvidar Felix and Ralph by Gabpiano No se como olvidar Felix and Ralph :icongabpiano:Gabpiano 24 35 DAER- Gift for oXInvaderEmiXo by Gabpiano DAER- Gift for oXInvaderEmiXo :icongabpiano:Gabpiano 4 21
Umm for your enjoyment if you are visiting my page, welcome :) If you like something from my gallery can you please do me a favor and let me know what you think- I know that the faves are nice and I can go to your pages to say thanks but writing a comment by lalami02 I hope that explains how hard I work for you guys to enjoy my gallery, because I will do the same to something I like- it is the golden rule after all :)

now that I need to do this: Artist Permission by LostKitten Please ask for permission before sharing my art elsewhere, I'd appreciate that thank you


Well These are from artists that I just come across that are awesome or people that I watch draw awesome stuff- Okay Everyone is awesome, but I just fave like crazy so I am glad to have such awesome work from all of you :D


I hope that this critique is good enough from me to you because I have to say that this is really great!! For one, I just love the line...

Okay Mike, here's what I have to say about this picture :) First of all nice work with the style of TDA!! You are getting better with th...



I want you all to read this:

I want you all to be happy with yourselves even if you feel at the most bottom pit of your lives. I know how it feels to be neglected by people who you want to be noticed by, to think that people hate you, and to think that you are not good enough, well here's what I have to say. You are worth something to me.

You are all wonderful people for the much that I know you and you all have impacted me from the day I introduced myself to you. All the talents and all the art on DA was something I was blessed to be sharing with you and when you feel down, I feel down too. Not because I feel the same way, but because you are. That's how much I feel that I care. I even cry at night when you all try to give up. You have a talent and I believe you all have a talent bestowed by God.

I want to say to the broke hearted friends of mine that you are far better than anything and I get upset when you say that you are not worth it. You are worth it, you are worth the tears that fall from my face when I try to think of solutions at night. You guys have no idea how much I love you all :hug:

Since I don't say it much and because I felt it had to be said, I want to say "I love you" In the most sincere way by the display of a journal. I wish to be online often and wish to know you all in person, but I only know you online and I know this probably won't change anyone, but it did change me. I leave you with this heartfelt message and I'll say goodnight to you all.



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